I am a 100% Australia based and owned family business making a range of all natural, handcrafted PREMIUM hot sauces. The business is called Grumpy Gary's. My name is Gary (the maker of these sauces) and my wife calls me grumpy, hence the name Grumpy Gary's, which customers love! My passion lies in adding varying levels of heat with intense natural flavors to your food. The sauces are in 250mL, glass bottles with tamper evident seals, complying with Australian regulations, pre-cooked and ready to eat. Being versatile they are already being used by customers as a spread, dip, marinade, rub, dressing, gravy, etc. The use, only being restricted by imagination. Presently I make 7 flavors. 1. Original Hot Sauce (5/10 heat) 2. Garlic Hot Sauce (5/10 heat) 3. Mango Hot Sauce (4/10 heat) 4. Jalapeno Hot Sauce (4/10 heat) 5. Mint Hot Sauce (5/10 heat) 6. Mustard Hot Sauce (5/10 heat) 7. Smokey Hot Sauce (5/10 heat) 8. Xtreme Hot Sauce (8/10) 9. Habanero Hot Sauce (Our HOTTEST).